ERP is suitable for only big companies is one of the main misconceptions prevailing among some small and medium-sized companies. In fact, ERP systems are designed for large, small, and medium-sized organizations across every industry. Today, many medium and small-sized companies are benefitting from automation and streamlining of their business process with efficient and affordable web-based ERP solutions.

A Starter Package designed for start-ups and small businesses can be as low as RM 20,000 for a cloud-based ERP setup and RM 30,000 for a hybrid system. As for customers who wish to implement a fully on-premise
system cost at entry level would be around RM 45,000 inclusive of hardware purchase. Should any
customization is needed to integrate to the core system, additional cost for the customization efforts will be
incurred depending on the complexity of the requirements.

Accounting software has a limited ability to meet industry-specific needs as compared to an ERP system. It rarely adapt by industry, and the customization is limited. An ERP system can be deployed and customized to your industry needs. An accounting software architecture is not designed for heavy volume transaction loads, complexities of the operation & scalability for the future. It is totally a different architecture platform.

It eats up a lot of resources and requires a large investment into the technology and skills needed to keep the ERP application up and running. In-house ERP systems are way more difficult to maintain and upgrade as there are only a few people who know how the system was developed and how to use it. There are serious limitations or hinderances due to internal resource knowledge & capacity. In-house developed system will often turned into a legacy system due to limitation in skillset or technology. It gets outdated for a much longer time and not as robust as the standard ERP.

There are disadvantages to open-source ERP that should be considered including the ability to obtain support for the software and the possibility that a company may be on its own in the case of a major system failure that could bring operations to a grinding halt for a period of time. Reliance on external sources for support of an open-source enterprise system may be extremely expensive. Open source ERP gives full flexibility for customization without much compliance & guidance where it comes to business control & system integrity.

Here are some of the concerns you should consider seriously:

  1. Does the ERP solution provider possess an in-depth understanding of the industry needs & able to provide
  2. the suitable or relevant solution?
  3. Is the ERP solution provider able or willing to set up a proof of concept based on the requirements?
  4. Is the ERP solution provider willing to go the extra miles to provide customization or add-on solution to
  5. streamline the business process or the specific needs of the client?
  6. Is the ERP solution provider capable of providing analytical report & visuals to help decision making?

ERP system for a specific industry is mostly customized, although they may be some who claim they are. It is very important that you conduct a thorough evaluation of such a system to ensure it is industry-specific that fits needly to your processes. Our standard ERP solutions will cover most of the business & industry in the markets. The ERP consists of different modules to serve different industry requirements.

Here are the top seven signs that your business needs ERP software:

  1. The software systems you already have in place don't talk to each other.
  2. Financial management is increasingly time-consuming and complex.
  3. Sales and customer services are suffering.
  4. There’s a lot of manual & redundant work processes to communicate or collaborate effectively.
  5. There are so many documentation errors due to manual tasks.
  6. It's difficult to analyze information about your business.
  7. Lack of mobile access to your current software or system.

Here are some important concerns you should be aware of:

  1. Are you ready to invest based on ROI & commit to a budget?
  2. Are your resources, especially the key process owners, ready for the ERP project?
  3. Do you have a comprehensive plan of the business process, policies & control in place?
  4. Are you able to identify the right product roadmap which matches the long-term company directions?
  5. Are you able to manage project expectations based on the company’s benefit rather than user convenience?

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