Today’s business users need to react much more quickly to changing customer and market environments. They demand dynamic access to raw data in real time. SAP HANA empowers users with flexible, on-the-fly data modeling functionality by providing non materialized views directly on detailed information. SAP HANA liberates users from the wait time for data model changes and database administration tasks, as well as from the latency required to load the redundant data storage required by traditional databases. The elimination of aggregates and relational table indices and the associated maintenance can greatly reduce the total cost of ownership.

Some use the term “in-memory” in the context of optimizing the I/O access with database management, centering on accessing data from the hard disk by pre-storing frequently accessed data in main memory. The term is also used for a traditional relational database running on in-memory technology.

Some solutions offer columnar storage on traditional hard-disk technology, while other platforms offer the option of storing data on solid state disks (SSD). Although these disks have no moving parts and access data much more rapidly than hard disks, they are still slower than in-memory access.

Only SAP HANA takes full advantage of all-new hardware technologies by combining columnar data storage, massively parallel processing (MPP), and in-memory computing by using optimized software design.