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Integration with core system for enhanced performance.

KDS applications or add-ons solutions enable further integration & process streamlining to suit specific needs of enterprise or industry.

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

  • User friendly look & feel.
  • Multiple users, companies & warehouses.
  • Warehouse dashboard for real-time stock status.
  • Integrated to ERP system.
  • Bin Management.
  • Stock enquiry & report.
  • Picklist generation & consolidation.
  • Support pick order or items.
  • Comprehensive functionalities for stock movement.
  • Easy switch to multiple warehouses.
  • Document selection & integration from ERP.
  • Scanning and data entry flexibility.
  • Document matching and data accuracy checking.
iOrder – Sales Intelligence

iOrder – Sales Intelligence

iOrder enables digital transactions via real-time mobile apps integrated to your back office.

  • Connected & Control

    Sales quotation and ordering process have never been easier. Just like any online shopping apps, the salesperson could generate a quotation or sales order from iOrder and send it straight to the customer. Order processing is integrated into your back-office ERP with the proper approval process.

  • Agile and assisted flow

    Sales cycle and lead time and getting shorter and the flow is fully assisted by business insights about the stock & customers.

  • Customer Experience

    Not only your sales team loves it. Your customers will like it even more as the services received is top-notch from the salesperson!



  1. Simplified view for driver task list
  2. Realtime update of delivery status
  3. Easy way to update delivery information into the system in 3 simple steps
Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow

Integrate Approval workflow into your ERP system according to your business operation requirements:

  • Simple to understand.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Configurable based on condition.
External System Integration Module for Seamless Integration to ERP

External System Integration Module for Seamless Integration to ERP

  • Predefined integration control & API enables the external program connectivity
  • Allow retrieval or update of ERP records seamlessly on a real-time or ad hoc basis.
  • All integration is managed via standard ERP control without compromising business logic or regulatory & reporting compliance.
EFT Bank File Generator

EFT Bank File Generator

  • Automatically creates EFT files in the format required by your bank for GIRO & many other payment file formats.
  • File generation process based on standard ERP processing routines with controlled & predefined payee details.
  • Secured bank files using respective bank’s encryption methods.
Cloud Dashboard Services

Cloud Dashboard Services

  • Allows everyone in your organization to focus on metrics important to them.
  • BI drag lets you quickly find the insights you need and helps you visualize them.
  • Notifications or alerts for Key Performance Indicator (KPI) monitoring.

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